April 16, 2018
Avenger 12000 LBS Winch With Synthetic Rope
April 16, 2018

Avenger 12000 LBS Winch With Steel Cable.


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With all the standard waterproofing features as the Avenger TDS9.5 the Avenger TDS 12,000lb winch will give you that little bit extra GRUNT……..

  • Powerful, reliable, high quality, 12volt 6hp heavy duty series wound motor
  • Sealed solenoids
  • 3 stage planetary gearbox
  • Super easy-turn free spool lever
  • Automatic external double tapered brake on the end of the gearbox – ideal for the use of synthetic ropes as there is no heat build-up by usual in-drum brakes
  • 254:1 ratio which offers fast line speed
  • Both drum supports accommodate V-ring seals bearing onto the drum flanges to help stop the ingress of mud and water
  • Specially manufactured sealed motor drum supports
  •  12 month electrical/3 Years mechanical warranty on the Winch.